For Adults at Springhill

Like all living things, we are designed to grow–to get better, stronger and more mature. Springhill provides adults with several opportunities to help you grow.

Our discipleship ministries at Springhill train people of all ages to live as biblically mature, missional followers of Christ. Once again, that’s our passion and DNA. Springhill’s mission is to “love others into a relationship with Christ.” Jesus said that we should make disciples of all people, teaching them to obey all that Christ has told us (Matthew 28:19-20; Colossians 1:28).

There are numerous Life Groups that meet each week in the home of a member. This is one of the best ways to make lasting and immediate connections within our church body.

We offer a variety of classes throughout the year at both sites. The women of Springhill also gather for dinners, speakers, retreats and much more.

The men of Springhill get together on a regular basis for breakfast and a lesson. We offer a variety of classes throughout the year. 

Discovery Class

This course introduces you to Springhill’s mission and ministry. This class is a great way to find out if Springhill Church is a good fit for you.