Discipleship Opportunities for Women

Join other women within Springhill and dive deeper into the Word through great Bible studies and Life Groups. Prepare your heart and invite your friends!

  • Women's bible study - god of freedom

    Leaders: Joellyn Howell (1:00 pm) & Terri Kelly (7:00 pm)

    When: Tuesdays (Begins September 26)

    Time: 1:00 & 7:00 pm

    Location: Legacy Site

    In this 10-session study of Exodus 19-40, journey through the study of how God shepherds His newly liberated children into understanding of what their freedom means: lives consecrated for service to God and to one another. 

    Revisit familiar scenes of the giving of the Ten Commandments, the idolatrous worship of the golden calf, and of the intricate details of the tabernacle. With fresh perspective, ask what these stories teach God's children today, about how to live as those set free.

  • Women's Bible Study - When you pray

    Leader: Juli Baker

    When: Tuesdays (Begins September 26)

    Time: 10:00 am

    Location: Bozeman Site Classroom B

    In this seven-session study, join with six beloved Bible teachers who will help you study prayers in the Bible that can inspire your own. You’ll learn that God welcomes your praise and lament, your thanksgiving and intercession. You’ll see examples of how to pray when you’re alone and when you’re gathered with others. Above all, you’ll notice there’s no one right way to pray. As you draw near to God through prayer, you’ll find your faith strengthened and your heart united to Christ. Purchase a book on your own in advance or you can purchase one the first night of the study.

  • Book study - addictions: A Banquet In The Grave

    Leader: Veronica McDaniels

    When: Second Sundays (Begins October 8)

    Time: 12:00 pm

    Location: Bozeman Site Prayer Room

    Edward T. Welch teaches that the hopelessness of the "sickness, recovery, relapse" cycle needs to be replaced with the biblical view of sin, salvation, and sanctification. The addict must face the fact that what and who he worships will control his life and that true freedom can only come through the cross.

  • coffee with the pastor

    Leader: Ryan Cook

    When: Thursdays

    Time: 8:00 am

    Location: Bozeman Site Classroom A

    Join Pastor Ryan and others for fellowship to discuss scripture from the previous and upcoming Sunday's sermon. 

  • adult sunday school/bible study - ephesians

    Leaders: Jim & Lynda Wenger

    When: Sundays

    Time: 10:00 am

    Location: Legacy Site Sanctuary

    Grow in our understanding of God's fulfillment of His purpose in our lives and the Church, our personal relationships, and strength in dealing with spiritual conflict through grace.