Our Staff

  • Ryan Cook

    Lead Pastor

  • brian yount

    Associate Pastor of Family Ministries

  • Dean Hampton

    Legacy Site Pastor

  • Kevin Wiedenheft

    Business Manager

  • Misti Richardson

    Communications Director

  • Lauren Foster

    Director of Hospitality & Outreach

  • courtney blalock

    Children's Ministry Director

  • Reid Loessberg

    Technical Arts Director

  • ShawnMarie Aiken

    Artist in Residence (Legacy Site)

Our Elders

Our church is an Elder-led body. Come meet our Elders and Deacons.

  • Julia hardaway

  • joellyn howell

  • Don Lucia

  • Carla Neely

  • Ginny Richards

  • waylon robertus

  • kristen robinson

Our Deacons

  • Katie hardaway

    Children's Ministry Team Deacon

  • Ray stinnett

    Christian Education Team Deacon

  • vacant

    College & Young Adults Team Deacon


    Congregational Care & Connections Team Deacon

  • joe nelson

    Facilities & Grounds Team Deacon

  • morgan schelling

    Family Ministries Team Deacon

  • brad osen

    Finance Team Deacon

  • Trish womack

    Hospitality Team Deacon

  • caroline bitz

    Missions Partners Team Deacon

  • doug chapman

    Neighbors Ministry Team Deacon

  • vacant

    Safety & Security Team Deacon

  • vacant

    Student Ministry Team Deacon


    Worship Team Deacon