Community Garden Rules & Guidelines

Plot fees may be mailed or delivered to:

Springhill Presbyterian Church, 4769 West Babcock, Bozeman MT 59718. 

  • Update on Guidelines for COVID-19 Considerations


    It is important for each person participating in Springhill Church’s Community Garden to take responsibility for their own immunity while respecting the decisions of our fellow gardeners.


    We request the following of each of our gardeners:

    • First, please openly communicate with your fellow gardeners when on the premises if you are not comfortable with tending your garden at the same time.
    • Ask when they might be finished or work out a schedule with them if you do not feel you have a safe gardening distance between plots.
    • Exchange numbers to text each other on plans for gardening times or dates.
    • Please observe GCHD Healthy Gallatin’s social distancing guidelines of at least six (6) feet space between individuals (family members excluded).
    • Masks are not required outside in the garden area. Use a mask or other PPE, if you feel you need the additional protection.
    • Springhill has garden tools available in the garden shed, but will not be regularly disinfecting them. Please bring your own tools or use disinfecting wipes on the tools provided if you are not comfortable using them.
    • All other Garden Guidelines should be observed as agreed (see below).
    • We will not set a limit to the number of individuals/families that can tend at one time. However, if the leadership at Springhill feels safe practices are not being maintained, gardening sign ups may be required.
    • Thank you for maintaining healthy boundaries.  


  • Payment in full is due to Springhill Church prior to the beginning of garden season to secure plots. 
  • Cost per season is $25 for the first plot with $15 refunded if the garden plot is cleared at the end of the season. Additional plots are $15 with $10 refunded. 
  • Plot sizes are 15 feet by 20 feet and may be shared by friends or family, if desired. 
  • Assignment of garden plots will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. 
  • Each gardener is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their garden plot. 
  • Garden plots should be cared for at least once per week. Please keep weeds out! 
  • A limited number of tools and hoses will be available in the community garden storage shed. 
  • Each gardener will be given a code to the shed for access to tools and hoses. Please re-lock after use. 
  • Children are welcome in the garden if accompanied by an adult and supervised. Children should stay out of other gardener’s plots. 
  • No pets allowed! 
  • The application of herbicides to kill weeds in garden plots is prohibited. 
  • No pesticides other than insecticidal soap and organic compounds are allowed in the garden. The soil may be amended with fertilizer or soil pep. 
  • Gardeners may harvest vegetables and flowers from their garden only. 
  • By the second week of October, gardeners are responsible for clearing their plot of all plant material and leaving the plot as they found it in the spring. A garbage dumpster will be supplied for that week. 
  • Gardeners may garden at their convenience during the hours of sunrise to sunset, seven days a week. 
  • Planting perennial crops like strawberries or raspberries, or flowers that self-seed, is prohibited, as they will take over other plots. 
  • There will be a “give and take” shelf inside the shed for extra seeds if you do not want to plant the whole package (ex. zucchini).